Important Information

  • Maharashtra State Elections-Due to the state elections in Maharashtra on 21 October 2019 Ireland Visa application centres at the Mumbai North, Mumbai South and Pune will remain closed.
  • Guidelines for applicants applying for an Irish Visit ,Business and Employment Visa:-

    As per the new guideline from The Embassy of Ireland with effect 10 October 2019 all the applicants applying for an Irish Visit, Business and Employment visa needs to complete supplementary application form which is a mandatory form. In order to get the Supplementary form please click on the below link

    Click here: -

  • Applicants applying under Student Visa :- Please complete Student Supplementary form
  • Notice to all Applicants: Ireland no longer issues re-entry visas to non-EEA nationals living in Ireland. They can now leave and re-enter Ireland on their Immigration Residence Permission card (IRP). If you are applying for a long stay visa to work, study or join family members in Ireland and you need to return home or leave Ireland for another reason within 4 months of your arrival in Ireland, you can now apply for a 4 month multiple entry visa which will facilitate your travel arrangements until you have registered for your IRP card. You must pay for a multiple entry visa in order to be issued with one.
  • Important Update on Minister of Religion and Lay Volunteer- Click here
  • Applicants applying under Student VisaPlease complete the Questionare to Accompany Study Visa Applications
  • Applicants applying for Long Stay Visa: - Please refer the below links before applying for Multiple Entry Long Stay Visa.

    Embassy of Ireland in India
    Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

  • Applicants applying for Transit Visa - for details click here
  • Documents Delivery Timelines attached here
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here